Information for Medical Professionals



  • Refer patients who can benefit from our services.
  • Provide consultation to the Loving Hands of Healing Hope team as needed.
  • Allow monthly visits to the Oncology Center chemo room to visit with patients and promote our foundation.
  • Allow our team to conduct seminars to educate patients on healing modalities and services.
  • Allow our team to offer retreat opportunities to the patients and provide the space for the retreats to be conducted.
  • Sponsor a Loving Hands of Healing Hope event.
  • Make a tax deductible financial contribution.
  • Suggest Loving Hands of Healing Hope to family, friends, co-workers & peer professionals as an organization they can financially support to further our mission.
  • Help to promote Monthly Partnership with Helping Hands of Healing Hope. This partnership will provide monthly financial resources to meet our administrative budget, as well as creating long term sustainability to meet our monthly objectives.
  • Display promotional materials for the foundation.